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  • Beginning Flyfishing School

  • Each year, Clark-Skamania Flyfishers offers Introduction to Flyfishing, an all-day class that provides students with instruction in all aspects of flyfishing, including tackle, accessories, knots, casting, entomology, streamside safety and etiquette. Each subject is taught by experts whose valuable experience has been gained over decades in the field. Casting instruction is provided by a Federation of Flyfishers-certified casting instructor and is supplemented by one-on-one instruction from volunteer instructors who provide a hands-on approach to learning this enjoyable sport. See the Club's Calendar Page for the date of the next class.

  • If you have your own tackle, be sure to bring it along. There is no better way to become familiar with your equipment than to use it under the guidance of skilled instructors. If you do not yet own any fishing gear, we make every effort to provide equipment to each student registered for the class.

  • For further details regarding price, location, times, and a contact person please click the Registration Form.

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