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  • Introduction to Fly-tying

  • Course Description

  • Each year, Clark-Skamania Flyfishers offers a course titled Introduction to Fly-tying. The course, under the leadership of Al Wood, is offered to members and non-members and provides students with 16 hours of fly-tying instruction by some of the region's most experienced tiers. In addition to the lectures and demonstrations, students receive one-on-one instruction each week from volunteer instructors who provide a hands-on approach to learning this ancient and revered skill. The class meets once a week for four hours over a four-week period. Students learn to tie a dozen different patterns that can be used for a number of species in a variety of locations around the region. See the Club's Calendar Page for the date of the next class.

  • Cost and Class Size

  • CSF's Introduction to Fly-tying is considered to be one of the best instructional bargains in the area. All tying materials are included in the course fee. In order to provide the best possible learning environment, space is limited to 15 students and is filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • What You Need to Bring

  • Just bring yourself. Tools, including a vise, are provided.

  • For students wishing to purchase a rudimentary selection of tools, a recommended list is below:

Vise Bobbin
Bodkin 6/0 black thread
Hackle pliers Whip finisher
Hair Stacker 3-1/2" fine-point scissors

  • Although any vise is acceptable for the beginning fly-tier, good quality tools will last a lifetime and are highly recommended. Consult your local fly shop or one of the following books (available at most public libraries) for a more detailed explanation of tools and their respective values:

  • Reference Books for Fly-Tying Tools

  • Fly-Tying Made Clear and Simple
  • By: Skip Morris
  • (Frank Amato Publishing, Portland, Oregon)

  • Tying Dry Flies
  • By: Randall Kaufmann
  • (Western Fisherman's Press, Portland, Oregon)

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