• Officers and Directors 2019

  • The board of directors meets on the third Monday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at Camas Meadows Golf Club - check the calendar for dates.

President Don Kohler 503-891-5486 moabman07@gmail.com
1st Vice President-Programs Kuni Masuda 360-309-7227 kunim305@gmail.com
2nd Vice President-Outings Steve Muhich 360-619-8925 smuhich312@gmail.com
Treasurer Phil Gulling 360-281-6272 gullingphil@q.com
Secretary Peter Anderson 386-290-4793 pavanderson321@gmail.com
Director Steve Carpenter360-433-7778 scarpenter7778@gmail.com
Director Michael Golob 203-962-3832 mpgolob@cloud.com
Director Gene Reinert 360-553-5284 reinertgene@gmail.com
Director Roy DeRousie503-522-4214 rderousie@gmail.com
Conservation Chairman Steve Jones 360-606-5947 sjones022@comcast.net
Gillies Mike and Marilyn Seitzinger 904-302-4597 seitzmike@yahoo.com
Past President John Bohrnsen 360-281-6035 jbohrnsen@gmail.com
Newsletter Editor Sue Cox 360-260-8767 susan.cox@gmail.com
Webmaster Mark Masciarotte 360-901-1352 mtm@dsgassociates.com

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